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Portfolio into Webflow Basics & 101 For Beginners | P.02

July 29, 2021

It takes quite some time to develop in webflow. Oscar finishes his portfolio design on webflow. Oscar continues to explain the process while creating his designs on webflow. He uses the tabs element with his skills and tools section. This video would be resourceful for people who are wanting to learn how to use Webflow.

Design Thinking with my Own Portfolio

July 29, 2021

Oscar discusses his portfolio designs and the reasons he chose to go a specific route. He hopes to motivate and inspire others through his designs. Oscar discusses how he divided his portfolio with sections displaying his biography, case studies, design thinking, and his concept of divergent and convergent thinking. He introduces mystic realms in this video.

Interviews That Can Be Failed in Springboard

July 24, 2021

Oscar discusses the whiteboard challenge, behavioral interviews, and walkthrough challenge. These are the interviews that need to be passed during the end of a Springboard career track. He gives insightful tips based on his experience through the interviews. Oscar successfully passed all interviews and it was not as easy as he assumed them to be.

Starting Springboard & UI Challenge

June 6, 2020

Practice is important for improving your design skills. For people who are starting off with designing, practice makes you increase your design choices and style. Start with programs like Adobe XD, Figma, or Sketch. These are the programs that designers use to wireframe designs and prototypes.

Duel Links Meta Tournament UX & UI Practice

May 6, 2020

I talk about a user experience and user flow problem in the Duel Links Meta website. I ended up talking about how the problem can be solved based on their goals through design. I then showcase how I solved it through design. I didn’t add branding colors and just left the design clear. For the form, I would probably add a title above the placeholder animation once it is clicked. The design overall looked great and I proceeded into showing it to Duel Links Meta and sharing it to the Duel Links community.