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On my spare time I like to play video games for fun and competitively. Watch me play games on my Twitch and playback videos on my YouTube channel.

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Unboxing Metroid Dread Special Edition! In-Depth Review Art Work & Game

October 21, 2021

Metroid Dread released a special edition version of the game for the Nintendo Switch. This game includes a steel book, art cards, and an art book. I describe my nostalgic feeling towards this game while I go through the entire special edition unboxing. This game is 2D which makes it even better and like old classic games like Samus Returns and Metroid Fusion.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Platinum Card Opening from Konami! Only 1000 in the USA!

October 17, 2021

A Yu-Gi-Oh! Card made out of platinum and silver. Konami released a masterpiece series of classic and legendary cards made out of 99% silver and platinum. I unbox the limited edition Blue-Eyes White Dragon Platinum card. This is the first card in the series and Konami will release more in the future. There are 1000 made in the United States excluding the contest winner ones from a Duel Links event. Other regions also had a limit of 1000. This piece is incredible and high-quality made.