Designs from scratch

Let me begin your business design with the discover phase, followed by the ideation and the rest becomes a great journey for you and I. I am willing to learn your business and your users to create optimal designs for your users and business. These designs are dedicated to increasing your business usability and deliver your business solutions. 

Websites, Logos, Apps, & Software User Interfaces

Business Specific Designs from Scratch

Businesses are unique and should your website. Your brand is unique compared to your competitors. That is why your website should stand out. Don’t allow other designers to use a generic template that many other businesses use. Allow me to build your website from hearing your brand values, your goals, and your objectives. 

This will allow me to create a website that is dedicated to your users. Your users are what drive your business. Therefore, your business website should matter. 

Websites, Logos, Apps, & Software User Interfaces

Logo Creation From Start to Finish

Logos are what make your brand noticed by others. It is the key mark to use for your marketing techniques. This can be using your logo in your website, applications, products, advertising brochures and more. It is the start of a journey for your brand and I want to help make that logo for you. It is quite a long process but I can definitely guide you from start to finish on your logo.

Websites, Logos, Apps, & Software User Interfaces

Software Applications User Interface

Applications are what users use for a quick navigation of your business. It will allow users to use your solutions in a much easier way. This usually requires users to download your application. Allow me to help you and guide you with visual colors, hierarchy, balance, and overall a clean user interface for your users. 

Websites, Logos, Apps, & Software User Interfaces

Software Designs

Software applications are done very much like applications but are more dedicated to a larger platform.These also give users a solution in an easier way. Allowing users to have access to your business solutions quickly and use them effectively. Very popular software can be SaSS platforms. Let me be your guide to design an ultimate software platform. 

Websites, Logos, Apps, & Software User Interfaces

User Experience & User Interface Focused

Let me build your design based on my experience in design and user experience. My level of expertise is superb to have your business stand out from the rest. Let me teach you what benefits your users and what doesn’t. Allow me to make your brand shine and fly with your users. 

User experience means that it is dedicated to have your users have a smooth experience while exploring your brand and business. While user interface is the visuals of the design and how easy it is to navigate through your platform. 

Websites, Logos, Apps, & Software User Interfaces

Fast & Secured Hosting Services

The hosting that I will provide will allow your website to run quick and effectively, without no lag for your business. If there is lag then there is loss in business, and you don’t want that. The hosting that I will provide provides optimal security and cloud based servers. Cloud based servers are located closest to whoever is accessing your website, which allows for fast loading times. Allow me to continue with a secured hosting for your business for the best in return for investment. 

I worked with Oscar on redesigning Foregen’s site and I was impressed with his comprehensive approach to the project. From the beginning, Oscar ensured that he understood what our organization represented and what would be important to incorporate in his design. These elements are interwoven in the site with its clean, modern look and clear communication of different facets of our organization. Our community of supporters and donors, along with other interested parties, our advisors, and potential investors have remarked on the excellent first impression the site left with them.

Oscar would be a valuable addition to any team and I can’t recommend him enough based on the traits and qualities that he has demonstrated while working with him. His continued creativity in his designs and additions to the site consistently impress me; his ability to collaborate with others and inspire them; his capacity to take the initiative and lead; and of course his friendliness and sense of humor that make me look forward to talking and working with him.

Tyler Drozd-
Chief Operations Officer, Foregen

Having worked with a number of independent contractors, Oscar's commitment to client satisfaction is outstanding. Oscar took the time to thoroughly understand our non-profit's mission and goals and went into depth understanding our donor base, helping to shape a direction for brand identity. He provided valuable insights into analytics, brand management, and especially UX and UI development. After the implementation of Oscar's web design, our non-profit saw an increase in supporter engagement, donor contributions, and outside interest in our organization.

Oscar has also worked with me in a volunteer capacity where he has shown solid teamwork skills, leadership ability, and consistency in meeting objectives. He was submitted for promotion to Director of Digital Development and IT, where his goal-oriented nature continues to drive the department forward. I especially appreciate Oscar's willingness to both teach and learn from others, including his subordinates, to further grow as an individual and provide the team with a sharper skill set. I highly recommend Oscar and look forward to working with him for the indefinite future.

Matthew Serody-
Senior Director, Foregen