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Challenge yourself while inspiring and motivating others. Let me be your guide to minimizing failures and improving your chances of success in health, design, life, and much more.

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Job Searching After Springboard

November 25, 2021

Oscar took a month off after Springboard to enjoy the last days of summer. He then decided to focus on job searching for two months. He was able to secure a job at a startup as a UX/UI Designer. Oscar explains his experience of the number of job applications, interviews, and fortune 500 companies. He offers advice based on his experience of two months of job searching.

Using Hotjar & Iubenda to Make Your Portfolio Stronger!

October 9, 2021

Iubenda will allow you to create a privacy policy and terms and conditions. Iubenda also integrates a cookie integrator into your website. If you want to record users, then you will need to include that in your privacy policy. These services can be used for free and are resourceful for heat mapping and user recordings. Hotjar allows you to see if there are any mistakes on your website and ways to improve it.

Mystic Realms NFT Dark & Light Release- Limited Number Art out of 100

October 8, 2021

The power of the solution and ideas is a mystical space that can not be seen with the physical eye, but deep within an individual’s neuronic pathways. It takes time and practice to master this space and realm. Once mastered you are able to make solutions for multiple ideas and needs that end up satisfying the user. This masterpiece is designed by Oscar Perez, as known as Dodefy.

Graduated From Springboard

August 2, 2021

Oscar graduated from Springboard UX/UI Design Career Track. He has gained more confidence and enhanced his skills as a designer. He can comfortably make product designs, UI designs, UX Research, and much more. Oscar can’t thank enough his career coaches and his incredible mentor Jenn Sager.

Portfolio into Webflow Basics & 101 For Beginners | P.01

July 29, 2021

After having finished my portfolio design on Sketch, Oscar moves on to developing the design into webflow. Oscar explains the process he takes while creating webflow elements. His process uses both div and grid blocks to structure the content of his design. Webflow is an easy-to-use software that allows designers to make developing faster and functional. This video is great for people who are wanting to learn Webflow.