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Oscar Perez is a driven UX/UI Designer who is fond of making businesses grow through branding, design, and user research. After spending twelve years as a passionate designer and marketer in startups and mid size companies he decided to grow his own brand Dodefy. Through videos and blogs his intentions are to motivate and encourage others to challenge themselves towards personal growth. While he continues to show excellence in his field of study and positively impact businesses.

Oscar is also enamored of learning, teaching, and growing in multiple fields. He believes there is always a chance to learn and make improvements. Developers, CEOs and executives from organizations and companies have favored him as a top quality UX/UI designer. Oscar holds a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the University of New Mexico. He also holds a Certificate in UX/UI Design from Springboard.

Want to see my design thinking in action?

Case Studies

Dodefy Health

Dodefy Health's current problem is that they are looking to see what information is the most important to show a user about nutrition and health advice. 

The goal is to show users nutrition labels & values and how these foods can change their health. This problem can be challenging because we don’t know what nutrition information is important for a user to see. Another challenge is that we don’t know if people value nutrition information,  how often people use these values, and experience with these food labels. (value, usage, experience).

health based app

Users found these design changes more valuable after user testing. Screen engagement had increased significantly.

multimedia app

Talebinds is a movie, show, anime, and video game focused app; with trailers, personal and shareable playlists and soundtracks.
Talebinds first company strategy was to offer users a free product and receive a healthy user base of free users. After completing this strategy successfully, the second strategy is now to create a new stream of revenue from the same free users and new users. This will be done by including a premium based model to allow users to subscribe and pay monthly. 

The watch and listen tabs on the top of the app were later separated after first round of user testing to divide the and organize content best.

e-commerce school website
"“I love schoolio. Teaching became so much easier now.” -Schoolio Rocks!

Schoolio is an e-commerce company based in Canada that offers an easy to follow and reliable curriculum for homeschooling parents and tutors. Schoolio currently covers kindergarten and first-eight grade curriculum that meets provincial government outcomes. 

Schoolio's current problem is that they are looking for a better way to organize and display their e-commerce products, homepage, and about us page. Schoolio currently offers both bundles and units: bundles are the entire grade curriculum while units are subjects within that grade. Another problem is that Schoolio is looking to rebrand their design to target both adults and children. 


Showing an animated astronaut as a testimonial figure is a great way to draw targeted users attention while improving credibility and trust.

dog adoption website

Struggling to Finding The Right Dog?

Just answer the questions and we will find that perfect dog for you. 

Citypups is a website that helps people find dogs that are available for adoption near them. These dogs are listed by animal shelters and Citypups makes it a lot easier to gather all dogs in one website. 

Citypups' new strategy is to help people in dense population cities find the perfect dog to adopt. The first strategy is to create what information is necessary for a person to see when adopting a dog. The second new strategy is to match the dogs with the adopters. 

Users had the option to search for a dog according to their location or get matched with one in this study. I explain the reason behind my design thinking and why I went with this route. 


Want to see the tools I use and my skills?

I have gained experience from my work, contracts, school, and hobby throughout the years. I learned to enhance and master my skills and the way I use tools. I list out the tools I am comfortable and confident using as well the skills that I have. I also list out the future skills and tools I would like to learn and add to my skills collection.

Learn more about me

Oscar was born in 1991 and grew up in a small city in New Mexico. At a very young age he was very explorative with a strong imagination. He began to draw for his classmates, for contests, school projects, and for fun. He was known as the “artist” of the class throughout all his educational institutions. Oscar still maintains a high imagination and creativeness to this day.