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Me llamo oscar

I speak and write fluently in both English & Spanish. I have a critical thinking mind set that I can integrate with design. I have experience in medicine,  health, jewelry & market, cryptocurrency market, digital marketing, education industry, psychology, business, and furniture & design.

Sense of Humor

I do consider to be playful most of the time, but serious when it comes to being professional. I have heard from others that I am a likeable person. I feel good about that compliment by the way. Let’s work together so we can know each other better.

Why Me?

I provide professional designs from scratch. I can create anything that you can visualize. I gather your thoughts, visual images, and ideas. I then brainstorm, meditate, concentrate and combine your design ideas with my design cognitive abilities. This allows to create the best design outcome that is meant to deliver for your users.

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Knowing who your users are is critical to making impactful designs. These are how users are explored and pursued. Allowing designs to be fluent for them. Through experience and knowledge I have been capable of empathizing. This allows me to create effective user experience designs. See the improvements immediately from your users after having worked with me.

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The University of New Mexico Computer Science Department in the UNM School of Engineering was founded in 1969. They offer three degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD. These specialize in high-performance computing, game theory and collaborative computing, DNA computing, computation medicine, biological-inspired computation, security and computation immunology, and formal methods and automated reasoning and privacy. They are strong collaborators with Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Santa Fe Institute.

It became official when I started a position as a web designer at the University of New Mexico as an undergraduate. The University of New Mexico Computer Science Department requested a redesign of their entire website. They wanted their colors to represent New Mexico and at the same time a tech feel. They requested for a hero to show the latest news update, admission, research, and with program information to be a main priority. I redesigned their website three times overall when working there for three consecutive years.


Law 4 Small Business is a law firm business that guides small businesses. They offer copyright, trademark, patent and other startup business legal advice. These include: business formation, tax services, intellectual property, employee management, business disputes, documents & contracts, and business management. They help start up entrepreneurs to remain protected and safe as they grow. Their locations expanded from just New Mexico to multiple locations within five years, these include: California, Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

This website has heavily influenced lead and conversions pages. I got introduced to search engine optimization, developing and analytics while working for Larry. I built effective conversion based and responsive landing pages for this company.


Dodefy is a brand that I created. It consisted of a 1980s design and modern design. The context behind this brand is all behind the name of the website “do defy”. Defy meaning to challenge even if it is impossible. There is nothing impossible, so do the impossible. You can always accomplish your dream if you are persistent to achieving it. It will take determination, hard work, and motivation but it is still achievable. I will demonstrate a journey of my challenges that I will be facing and how to accomplish them.

The context behind the owl is that they sleep during the day and are awake during the night. Some owls prey in the night and some in the day, so no matter the time of day you always catch those challenges in your life.

This brand will support those who have great obstacles in their way, and they must do challenge them to succeed and reach their goal.

The website will consist of a shop, social media links, and my YouTube series. By the way this portfolio was heavily inspired by this brand. Gradients were so popular back in the 80’s. They are fun!


Foregen is a non-profit organization in the world that is trying to regenerative the human foreskin. Foregen overall mission is to transform its mission, vision and goals into an engaging content that will help customers connect, understand and fall in love with the company.

The process started from basic wire-framing in Adobe XD, followed by implementing and developing it in Webflow. While in the process I spoke with the Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Operations. I then gathered as much information as possible as I could to help develop this design.

I gathered the overall mission, actions, expressions, experience, motives, values, and brand. I then transformed their older site which can be found below. The client wanted the website to be aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time scientific and professional. They wanted the website to be similar to their old style one. This included the generic banners with overlaid text.

Through research I gathered the motive and created an alluring story. I got in the perspective of a user and transformed the content to what I would want to hear from this company.  The user is on the adventure to gaining back their foreskin, and this company can guide them. I explained the benefits of having a foreskin and why it is beneficial for the user to gain it back. I used “gain back sexual sensitivity, normal function, bodily completeness, and physiology wellbeing” for example. As well many more examples integrated throughout the website

I worked with Oscar to develop a new website for our organization, Foregen.  I felt that Oscar really took the time to understand what our organization is about and incorporated that very well in his design of the site.  He was able to take our feedback and input and convert it into a tangible product that was positively received by our supporter base, as well as market investors and health officials we spoke with. I definitely recommend Oscar if you’re looking for a designer who will sit down with you, who will understand your needs and goals, and translate that into an end product that reflects your vision.

-Tyler Drozd, Chief Operations Officer, Foregen

Sleek Designs

FOR Christ

Rolling For Christ is a startup YouTube channel that focuses teaching the religion Christianity. Daniel expresses his emotions and journey while becoming dedicated to living the Christianity life. He has become paralyzed from chest down and is unable to walk after a tragic accident. While struggling with pain and adapting to an alternative lifestyle. He wants to inspire those who are going through the same situation and are wanting to follow the Christianity way.

Rolling For Christ asked for a logo that was very similar to a handicap sign, but with a warrior with armor sitting on the wheel chair.  I decided to add the trinity symbol to represent the father, the son and the holy spirit. As well, add the cross of christ in the wheel. The warrior will be wearing shoes and armor, while holding a sword and shield to represent that it is ready to be protected by the word of God and spirit, prepared, and stop the fiery of the devil.

Oscar is a very talented and creative individual. I asked him to make me a logo of a man that is in a wheelchair wearing the armor of God, symbolizing a warrior of Christ. He did an outstanding job that exceeded my expectations. I recommend Dodedy Designs, 100% and I look forward in working with him in the future.
-Daniel Mejia, Rolling For Christ


Resume’s are critical components when applying for new positions. The old black text and white background designs have became boring, repetitive and plain. Employers often skim through these and don’t even give these applicants a shot. A nurse requested to freshen up her resume in hopes of getting a job during the pandemic. She absolute enjoyed this design for her resume. She loved the colors and structure of the resume.


NPARC supports organization in practicing institution anti-racism. NPARC is committed to ending racism. We act as a forum to share information, resources, and best practices, and encourage other non-profits to work together to eliminate institutional racisms and understand its connections to all other oppression.

I challenged myself to redesign this website in 48 hours. It was an intense timeframe to complete a site but I managed to complete it during that amount of time. If you put your mind to finishing and accomplishing a task, you can certainly do it.


The UNM Seal Committee is seeking design submissions for a new official seal that represents the past, present and future of The University of New Mexico. Founded in 1889, UNM sits on the traditional homelands of the Pueblo of Sandia. The original peoples of New Mexico – Pueblo, Navajo, and Apache Tribes – have significant connections to the land and the broader community statewide. UNM is the state’s flagship institution and one of only a dozen Hispanic- Serving Institutions in the United States. UNM is also classified by the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education as an R1: Doctoral Universities with very high research activities and includes the Health Sciences Center, the state’s only integrated health care treatment, research, and education organization, and the UNM School of Law.

This design represents the University of New Mexico’s values, identity, culture and overall mission. It represents unity with the past, present and future by three inner rings, where UNM shapes and influences: our past, our present and our future. The three rings hold three distinctive keys. The left key shows a figurative heart with an inner DNA stranded flower that signifies the study of life and health care treatment (Health Sciences Center). The right key is a gravel that represents law and equality (School of Law). The top key is an open book that symbolizes education and research.

Together these representations unite to unlock high research activity to the hidden temple. It is represented with a four-corner quilted pattern key hole that lays in front of the Sandia Pueblo door.The scenic view represents the entire seal as the sun, followed by a waning crescent moon that embodies a watermelon. There, the mountains glow a profound red color at sunset near the Sandia Pueblo.

UNM sits on the historical and rich architecture of the Sandia Pueblo, which is shown on right side of the moon and on the sun’s warmth. This pueblo personifies the original and founding people of New Mexico.This design symbolizes value, identity, culture, opportunity, knowledge, creativeness, equality, unity, and time. Those who attempt to enter will gain access to a key. That key will allow them to become knowledgeable, creative and overall will impact and promote their quality of life through past, present and future moments.