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What is Abstract Art? How To Make Abstract Art? Do's and Don'ts of Abstract Art

October 22, 2020
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Many people around the world are known to admire and have a great passion for art. Art is not just limited to paintings but various other things. Among the different art types, one of the most unique and attractive art types is abstract art. Abstract Art is a challenging thing to understand because there are not actual shapes and figures made in it; instead, the painter tries to portray his thoughts and ideas in any way he seems fit.

The movement that started Abstract Art began in the 1940s. The main thought behind the whole campaign was the freedom to express yourself. However, it is believed that some of the very first Abstract Arts were made in the early 1900s.

Abstract art is unique in its way as it has bounds. It gives you the freedom to create whatever you and however you want. There are no boundaries in Abstract Art that you have to keep in mind when making the art. You have a clean canvas and your mind full of ideas. It is up to you how you present it on the canvas. Not every person can understand and appreciate abstract art. There are some rules and tactics that you need to learn before.

Paint brushes used on a canvas while creating abstract art.

How to understand abstract art?

Learning to understand abstract art is not that difficult. All you need is a mind that is broad enough to imaginations that are not considered standard. The first and foremost step to understanding abstract art is to stop thinking at your current mental level and try to go a little beyond.

Abstract art is intuitive and comes from the artist.

Abstract Art is not a problem-solving question

The human mind is made to crack different codes naturally, while this can be pretty important in various life fields, but so much when it comes to abstract art. When understanding abstract art, the first thing to remember is that it doesn't always have to be a story or a meaning. The main motive of artists is not story telling using abstract art; instead, they try to stretch the observer's imagination beyond what they can already think. Abstract art is not some source of storytelling, but it is more of a way to invoke various humans emotions.

The feeling or the thought that comes to a person's mind when observing an abstract art is dependent on the state of mind and the personality of that person. Therefore obtaining meaning from a specific Abstract painting is dependent on the observer. As we just said above, abstract art is all about freedom.

How do you look at Abstract Art?

A person who is not familiar with art's passion would assume that you would look at Abstract Art like you would look at any other object. Well, this is not the case.

Dos and Don'ts of watching abstract art.

Don't observe the time.

When you are looking at an Abstract Art, it is best not to think about the time you have spent watching the painting, instead observe the painting for as long as you want to look at it. Staring at a painting for long periods doesn't always mean you will understand the hidden meaning behind the art. Every person's mentality and thought process is different. Therefore it is best advised to observe the painting for however long you want.

Never insult an artist's imagination.

Just because you cannot understand the painting or you do not like the look of the art, it doesn't mean you have the right to insult the artist. Abstract Art is different from others. If you cannot understand it, most probably, others could. Instead of thinking low of the painter, you can think of what you dislike about the painting.

Don't pay much attention to the title.

The titles of Abstract Art are known to be quite vague, most of the time. There are several Abstract Art paintings with generic labels and do not connect with the actual art. These types of titles can be misleading most of the times and can deviate your thought process. If you look at a painting with no connection with the title, throw the title out of your mind and expand your imagination and think out of the box. However, sometimes, the title is relevant to the art and can help you understand the actual meaning.

Pay Attention to Wall Text

Most abstract paintings that are available in museums have a wall text next to them. The wall text can provide useful information regarding the artist and the thought that was used behind the art.

Don't force yourself to think something.

It is common for abstract art not to have a proper meaning. It is not necessary to trick yourself into thinking about the meaning of the art. If you don't understand any meaning, so be it. Simply enjoy the visual presentation of abstract art and move on.

How to make Abstract Art?

Start with a reference Image.

Starting with a reference image is always a good then when making Abstract art. You will have a visual representation of what you want to draw, and it makes the whole process much easy. Once you have a good reference point to start from, the rest of your art journey becomes much more comfortable.

Having a Focal Point is better.

Your abstract art doesn't necessarily have to be around some image or information, but you must at least have a central idea so that the result makes some sense.

Keep the balance in check.

One of the drawbacks of abstract art is that it can make you lose the drawing's balance without your consent. Therefore it is best advised to keep checking the balance of the drawing by turning the canvas.

Make use of feelings.

Abstract art allows you to portray whatever you want without having any particular subject to your painting, which is why you should always let your emotions flow when making abstract art. Never make abstract art when you are not feeling like doing it because you will get fed up soon, and the result of the overall painting would also not please you.