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web design era

Nice to meet you, my name is Oscar. I have more than eleven years of experience of web design. Don’t let this intimate you because designing was different from ten years ago. We have way more software and technology that are easily accessible opposed to back then. For example, Photoshop is much easier to access with a subscription instead of having to pay over seven-hundred dollars for the program. In present day, adobe has expanded their software library and made an affordable subscription plan to access all of their programs at once.

In addition, there are now pressure sensitivity devices that allow to implement your design to digital in one touch. Devices like the iPad Pro, Ipad, and Wacom drawing tablets can accomplish beautiful designs and layouts. There are content management systems that allow you to create professional interactive designs such as Webflow, Wix, and SquareSpace. Allow these improvised technology and softwares to allow you to create your unique and elegant designs.


I am a former designer, artist, webmaster, web designer, digital marketer, psychology, nutrition and past nursing student. I am planning on pursuing to become a professional product designer. I am documenting my process on my YouTube channel to become a product designer. Follow me there.

A great user experience and user interface done right  allows users to be focused and engaged throughout their journey. The reason behind this is because the designs are meant to target the business users. This is done through extensive user research, variety of analysis, empathy, wireframing, prototyping, testing and modifying.

Overall, your designs must be smooth, valuable, useful, and accessible to your targeted audience. It must create a seemingness user experience. This powerful set up allows for an ultimate user experience and guiding journey.


My web design journey started at the age of fourteen. My friend and I competed to have the best website done. I then become obsessed and fascinated with web design. I was always fascinated with design books that taught design, art, programing, branding, user interface, and user experience, analytics, data, and business.

A website is more than just a design. A website has to benefit the user and allow the user to understand the overall product or service. The websites brand should be a guidance to the user’s problems. Important questions to answer while designing websites are:

Why would a user care about your product or website? 
How are you going to solve their problems? 
How can they navigate throughout your design without getting distracted?

Ideally web designs are started with a low fidelity design to a high fidelity design. These higher end design is considered a wireframe, followed by a prototype. The reason behind this is to allow an easy developing stage as well making sure that the design meets the certain requirements. The criteria is to achieve the business goals and solve the problems.
A successful web design should have functional responsiveness, search engine optimization, well placed call to actions and typography. This leads to increase in leads, sales and achieving the brands goals.


When I was younger I used to wonder why I never got any website traffic. One day I decided to take action and increase my website traffic by learning search engine optimization. I began appearing on Google search engine and getting an increase of organic traffic. I learned that this was exactly like watering a tree. If water the tree constantly, then the tree will blossom.

Begin to learn your website traffic by analyzing your graph performance and results. Your competitors keywords and ways to increase your keyword count is critical. Knowing the digital marketing terms is crucial for a digital marketer. Trial and error is also step that you may be challenged with you at times. It is important to focus on the results and if it worth the return on investment.

Focusing on SEM tools (SEMRush, Moz), Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Keyword Planner are great steps to learning more about SEO.


Learning about health was an incredible experience. Learning about the mind, body, pathology, diseases, and metabolism to name a few. While at the same time implementing it on physical training, coaching, family, friends, patients and myself. Some challenges, but achieved included: diagnosing, implementing physical training activities, meeting goals and deadlines, critical thinking, creativeness, taking alternative routes, vocabulary expansion, prioritizing, working with others and independently.

Learning to eat the right foods, macronutrients, and micronutrients, and calories is critical to achieving the proper weight and physique. In a world full of fast food restaurants that contain trans fat are a danger to our health. Learn how to manage your intake by looking at the nutritional value labels on foods. If you follow these suggestions, you can improve the way you feel, look and gain confidence.

Discretion: I am not a Nutritionist. I am solely not responsible for any injuries, harms or deaths. Follow these guidelines at your own risk.

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